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AA Malawi Coffee Panwanba Estate


AA Malawi Coffee – Panwanba Estate

The AA Malawi Panwamba Estate coffee is produced by a collective of several farms near the town of Namadzi, in the Southern Highlands of Malawi.

The co-op provides assistance with healthcare, housing and education for the growers and their families. 

Schemes such as this support some of the poorest families in the developing world. 

Your purchase of their coffee makes a difference in the lives of their families

This coffee has everything you want, perfect acidity, aroma and finish, and it is well balanced.

 The consistent production of high quality coffee, such as this, means Malawi may have the potential to knock Kenya of throne of African coffees.

This AA Malawi Pamwamba Coffee Origin is Namadzi, Malawi Southern Highlands – Altitude: 1200 meters above sea level. 

The Flavour Profile: Stoned fruits, nuts and honey. 

Cup Profile:  Full bodied, soft, rich flavour with a fruity aroma and medium acidity. It provides a clean cup with a smooth and silky finish.

Summary: The AA Malawi Panwamba Coffee is a good buy that will not disappoint. 

 This AA-graded coffee compares well with Kenyan coffee

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