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Burundi Coffee Beana


Burundi Coffee is Quality Coffee

Burundi coffee beans of high quality produce excellent coffee using traditional but special drying methods. 

This single-origin coffee is rare to source as the country has seen huge internal ethnic upheaval over the past three decades, followed by displacement of people from neighbouring DRC. 

Coffee production is on the rise and supports 800,000 farmers.

Each farmer tends between 50 and 250 trees on small parcels of land. 

The focus is now on improving quality over quantity to raise the standard of living and increase demand. 

Coffee beans are harvested and taken to a local washing station for washing, sorting, drying and husking by hand.

The quality of Burundi coffee is now in strong competition with neighbouring Rwandan coffees. Buying our Burundi coffee supports small farmers in that country

This coffee is known as a perfect medium roast for your espresso in the morning. Our customers have given good feedback about it and have placed repeat orders.

You won’t go wrong with Burundi Coffee. Order now and give it try!

Watch the very interesting short video below about Burundi coffee development