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Buy African Coffee Online

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About African Coffee

When we buy African Coffee, most of us know little about its development. This article gives a brief overview of the history and development of coffee production in Africa.


All Coffee Originated in Africa. 


Coffee originated in Ethiopia in the 9th century, so coffee was originally African.  It was accidentally discovered  by a goatherd who observed the energetic behaviour of his flock after chewing the leaves and berries of the coffee plants. 

Coffee beans were eventually found in Yemen from where the popularity of the plant spread across to Europe via trade routes via the Ottoman Empire.


Development of Coffee


Once accepted in Europe as a popular beverage, the Bourbon variety of Arabica coffee was developed and cultivated in Bourbon, France and beans were taken to the new world by missionaries and traders. 

The Bourbon variety was also spread to East Africa via missionaries who planted a few trees around the mission, so African coffee had gone full circle to a different region of the continent. 

Colonial governments in the 19th century encouraged coffee farming among the local populations who in many cases embraced the crop as rather unwilling participants. 

There were difficulties with remote areas with regard to transport infrastructure to get the produce to local markets. 

Most coffees were initially grown for domestic consumption with small tonnages reaching ports for export under difficult circumstances until road and rail infrastructure was developed. 

Over decades the cultivation of coffee has developed and there has been much spent in research to further develop the varieties by colonial governments and after independence. 

This is particularly true of Kenya which has become famous for its excellent coffee.  The research has benefited countries such as Tanzania and Uganda among others.


More Excellent African Coffee


Burundi, Rwanda and Malawi produce excellent coffee with a concentration recently in raising quality over quantity. The reasons are: 

  • Coffee boards that controlled the industry in African Coffee producing countries are being liberalised. By privatising the washing stations, quality control is implemented.
  • The formation of coffee-growers unions and co-operatives
  • Governments are investing in advisory skills like agronomists and developing infrastructure to enable marketing and export.
  • With the emergence of the Third Wave of coffee, specialty coffees are now coming from those countries. 

The trend of coffee production is traditionally to grow Arabica in high altitude areas, and Robusta in low-lying and coastal areas.

Ethiopia is the biggest producer of coffee, contributing to a major proportion of African Coffee exports. 

Unlike the other African Coffee producing countries, a large percentage of Ethiopian produced coffee is consumed locally. 

Ethiopians drink coffee! Other African nations are not coffee drinkers but prefer tea. Coffee-growing districts like Sidamo, Harrar and Yirgacheffe have been trade-marked by the Ethiopian Government. 

Ethiopian coffees are excellent regardless of which region they are grown as the Arabica plant thrives in its natural habitat.

On the opposite side, on the west coast bulge of Africa, Cameroon is seeing an increase in the production and export of coffee.  

Arabica coffee plants thrive on the high altitude fertile and moist volcanic slopes where a younger generation is growing Boyo coffee, in a protest movement against a backdrop of ethnic persecution.


Why Buy African Coffee? 


When you buy African Coffee online here, you will enjoy a variety of notes and flavours. Many rave about choclaty, earthy flavours, and notes with hints of blackcurrent or berries, that would be generalising. 

Each region produces different flavours, so it is exciting to try a few of these excellent coffees.

African coffee is produced mostly by subsistence farmers who nurture small lots of trees on smallholdings under difficult circumstances.

The industry supports a major part of the populations of these countries, providing food on the table for families and improvement of health and education facilities,

If you buy African Coffee online from us, you won’t only be getting an excellent brew but will be helping to support the poorest people in the world in their honest endeavour to support their families and communities.