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Why Buy Single-Origin Coffee Beans?

Buy Single-Origin Coffee Beans

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Why Single Origin Coffee Beans Are Best

Single Origin Coffee Beans are defined as beans produced and harvested within a particular country.

That is the broadest definition and stands only for not being mixed en-route to the consumer with coffee beans from another country.


Understanding the term: Single-Origin Coffee Beans


A hot cup of coffee is enjoyed around the world thanks to the large amount produced worldwide, primarily grown in the Southern Hemisphere – nicknamed “The Bean Belt”.

A hot cup of coffee is enjoyed around the world thanks to the large amount produced worldwide, primarily grown in the Southern Hemisphere – nicknamed “The Bean Belt”.

A variety of conditions have an impact on the overall flavour of the bean, including climate, flora, fauna and soil, as well as genetics and native growing techniques.

Even something as overlooked as packaging materials, shipping methods taking place after harvesting, cause significant changes in taste overall.

A few phrases you may have heard about concerning coffee may be “blended” and “single origin”.

“Blended” coffee is comprised of beans grown from multiple countries or estates, to create a tasteful blend, whereas a “single origin” product is a pure coffee bean.

We look forward to exploring the most important features, and main characteristics of single-origin coffee.


Single-Origin Coffee Beans


To put it plainly, single-origin coffee beans are grown and harvested from a single point of origin.

More specifically, these regions include an individual farm, local country or even perhaps an entire country – single-origin coffee may not be mixed with any other beans.

You may rest assured that products labelled as single-origin are comprised of single species, rather than multiple species blended (including Arabica, Liberica or Robusta).

Coffee aficionados may enjoy something referred to as a “micro-lot coffee”, which are renowned for their top quality and unique roasts.

These super-specific beans are harvested from select trees, grown in a single location by a coffee farmer.

Imagine the care taken by vineyard owners as they work to separate the best grapes from a select group. The fruit from their highest quality vines is used to create more highly-priced special wines.

What’s the Difference?


Blended coffee beans are a mix of beans from multiple regions, or countries, comprised of common species of beans.

These blends are usually sold and brewed in coffee shops and cafes worldwide.

When you consider the differences in flavour, longevity, characteristics and strength, blended coffee is noticeably different from single-origin coffee products.

Because single-origin coffee beans vary in production dependent upon the growing location’s season, there are periods of slower growth.

Blends may be produced all year round, in higher volumes, because, weather demanding, many single-origin bean locations halt production when necessary.

These blends may substitute similar beans, produced in various locations when a specific bean goes out of season.

This flexibility enables the producers to continue production and lower prices as they’re able.

Although this may create seasonal variations in flavour, the differences are minute and hardly discernible.

When a product utilizes coffee beans from multiple plantations, sometimes from more than one country, it provides more complicated flavour profiles – whether it is pleasant, or not. Single-origin beans provide a more defined flavour, enabling the drinker to enjoy the full, pure taste of the point of a region.

Key Characteristics of Single Origin Coffee


There is a reason true coffee aficionados prefer to drink their single-origin coffee black: to enjoy the purest form of their favourite bean.

Coffee packaged from a single origin is the most ideal way to enjoy the strength and flavour of any given type of bean.

It is important to note how intense and consistent single-origin beans can be, which offers an exciting way to try new coffee flavours unadulterated by beans grown elsewhere.

Single-origin coffee is often consumed black because the beans need to stand up on their own without diluting milk, cream, or even sugar.

These additives only alter the primary flavour when it mixes each individual’s texture and flavour to create a new complex drink.

Because the producer of single-origin coffee beans cannot rely on mixing beans to improve the product’s characteristics, flavour, strength or longevity, single-origin coffee beans are of the highest quality.

These farmers must have the utmost confidence in their coffee product, growing a bean whose strength is not only consistent but also predictable – especially considering how blended coffee has a rather small range.

The World’s Best Single Origin Coffee Beans


It is a difficult challenge to opt for the best coffee, regardless of the category.

Every individual possesses a different tolerance and taste in the way we brew and enjoy or coffee – it is a rather personal practice. And, because single-origin coffee beans may be utilized in a variety of brewing processes, they may be enjoyed via drip, pour-over, French press and more.

The final drink remains consistent, with a defined taste that permits the person to test out different techniques, while still getting the most out of the coffee.

One important aspect, often overlooked, is choosing the appropriate roast level for the bean. 

Blended coffee can have a greater acceptable range, due to the mixture of textures.

Whether you are feeling up to drinking a brew with hints of cocoa, while following the producer’s instructions, you may want to opt for a dark roast.

Or maybe try a single-origin Columbian if you’re craving notes of caramel and toasted nuts – a medium roast may suit your fancy.

Because there is nowhere for the true coffee flavour to hide when your beans come from a single location.

To do single-origin coffee justice, ensure you have chosen the appropriate roast (following the flavour profile).

Remember, blends have more leeway with overall flavour because they use beans from multiple sources of origin – they have basically cut cheap products with some flavorful beans to mask the taste.


Love is Brewing – Specialty Coffees


As we have continued to stumble through 2020, consumers have become more aware of the sources of their food and drink.

The question: Why buy single-origin coffee beans has become more important for the following reasons:

  • The international market for ethically and sustainably sourced products continues to grow internationally, as people’s concern for fair deals, and ethical production methods increases.
  • Traceability has become important to the coffee industry, to prove these qualities, allowing the consumer to track the origin of ingredients to a single estate of origin.
  • Due to traceability, consumers find single-estate coffee beans to be the more attractive option.
  • They feel more comfortable knowing exactly where their favourite brew originates from, while working with suppliers who are transparent about their product – consumers are making more informed choices.
  • The demand for single-estate, specialty coffee has impacted the entire farming process.
  • Sheer taste impacts how coffee is grown, prepared and harvested, to meet the wants and needs of modern-day consumers.
  • As with any specialty coffee farmer, single-estate coffee beans are a real source of pride.
  • The confidence in their product, knowing it won’t be mixed with inferior beans, permits them the ability to develop a crop with the best finish.
  • The beans from a single estate provide a pure taste experience – something a real coffee fan would be most interested in.
  • These unadulterated flavours provide a real taste of the farm of origin, especially when they’re from ethical, innovative and sustainable sources.

In conclusion, if you find yourself wondering whether you would be the type of person to enjoy a cup of single-origin brew, it’s worth the cost to give it a go.


Why Buy Single-Origin Coffee Beans?

Not only does purchasing single-origin coffee beans provide the drinker with a more pure experience, but it goes a long way in supporting small farms and farmers with a passion for growing coffee.

Next time you take a moment to push the plunger down on your French press, consider how single-origin coffee beans may improve your next cup.

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