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Cameroon Freshly Roasted Coffee

Cameroon Freshly Roasted

Delicious Cameroon Coffee

Cameroon Coffee is made distinctive by high altitude of over 5000ft and high rainfall where the coffee is grown. The mineral-rich volcanic soils and tropical climate have an influence on the strong flavours of this coffee. 

These beans produce a full-bodied, earthy flavour profile with a hint of cranberry and cacao.

This is a delicious coffee that has become increasingly popular over the years and brings back previous customers time and again. You won’t regret buying this delicious coffee from us. 

Cameroon Coffee Production

Cameroon’s coffee production contributes to a major part of the country’s economy locally and exported revenue which includes cotton and cocoa inaddition to green coffee beans. 

Robusta coffee is grown in coastal areas and Arabic beans are produced in the high altitude cool and moist Western Highlands which is called Boyo coffee. 

The Western Highlands has seen a movemnent focused on improving the quality and price for their product.

The coffee cherries are harvest and sorted by hand by farmers and the pulp is carefully worked back into the soil around the plants as fertiliser.