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Guatemala Genuine Antiqua Coffee


Guatemala Genuine Antigua Coffee is certified to have its origin in the Antigua region. The coffee is grown at high altitudes in moist fertile volcanic soils which are dusted by active volcanoes.

Three volcanoes surround the valley, Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango, with the plantations approximately 1650m above sea level.

The coffee plantations have rich volcanic soil, low humidity, lots of sun and pumice stone, which helps retain moisture to create fertile soil.

The country benefits from many micro-climates which influence the production and flavours.

Antigua coffee is grown under shade and benefits from high rainfall and dustings of volcanic ash overnight,

Coffee has been a major export of the country for around 150 years. 

In recent years the country has identified eight coffee growing regions with distinctive characteristics for the coffees that are produced.

The beans from the Antigua region are of such high quality that beans from other areas were being in sold as if grown in the Antigua region.

An official certification system was set up to stop the practice and develop the quality of the final product

Guatemalan coffees are celebrated for having one of the most complex and nuanced tastes.

All these factors result in a fantastic cup of coffee, which is wonderfully fruity and rich, with a surprisingly full body in the cup.

Information about Antigua, Guatemala

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Guatemala Genuine Antigua Review

Guatemala genuine Antigua is one of the best Guatemalan coffees produced and exported form the country.
It is distinctive on account of its complex flavour with a hint of coca,

Guatemalan coffees from Antigua have the typical high quality and attributes such as a full body and is generally heavier than their South American counterparts. You will enjoy a spicy flavour with velvet qualities.

As mentioned above, the volcanic contribution to this coffee makes it among the best. Added to that is the ideal rainfall and altitudes of Guatemala augmented by the passion and care of the coffee farmers.