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Classy Nicaragua El Buey Coffee

Nicaragua El Buey. Prestigious beans are grown on the La Bastilla Coffee Estate in Nicaragua’s North Eastern coffee-growing region. Rain Forest Alliance approved since 2003.

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Nicaraguan Coffee Beans - Nicaragua El Buey

Nicaragua El Buey Coffee


Nicaragua El Buey coffee is one of our special single estate coffees. It is a prestigious Central American coffee grown on the La Bastilla estate high on the slopes of a volcano.

The beans are honey processed after harvesting, then dried.

The estate practices high standards,  ecologically sustainable farming and ethical labour practices, hence their approval by the Rainforest Alliance since 2003.

The volcanic soils influence this coffee to produce excellent flavours with low acidity and taste hints of blackberries, dried fruit and a toffee aftertaste.

This honey processing gives it a sweet fruity flavour.

Nicaraguan coffees are often under-appreciated, despite producing very balanced coffees with the “clean” cup profile that Central American varieties are known for.

Unlike many single-origins, this variety roasts very well at all points from light to dark.

The beans are roasted at a light to medium to emphasise the crisp clean acidity.

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