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Papua New Guinea Bunum-Wo Estate Coffee




Papua New Guinea Bunum-Wo Estate Coffee

Papua New Guinea Coffee is STRONG coffee! The Bunum-Wo Estate Coffee is also in this tradition.

Coffee in this country has experienced a decline, mostly due to crime, but marketing and exports are now on the rise and now provides 18% of Papua New Guinea’s income from exports.

The country has not had the legacy of the colonial coffee plantations, as has been the case in Africa.

Most coffee in the country is grown as part of subsistence farming and in private gardening where you will find a row of coffee plants.

Smallholders produce the bulk of coffee beans and when co-ops are formed, such as this one, there are many benefits that make the efforts for the smallholder farmer a better prospect.

At Bunum-Wo Estate, they benefit from health care training and advice on ecologically-sensitive farming methods.

As mentioned, this coffee is naturally strong, yet doesn’t need a high roast to achieve this and will blow your socks off!.

This coffee is an experience worth trying if you are into strong coffee. Should you decide to purchase you will be supporting the farmer’s belonging to the co-op at Bunum-Wo Estate.

Coffee Production in Papua New Guinea